LED Portable Lamp SH-5.200
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LED Portable Lamp, 2 x 8 W

The rechargeable SH-5.200 LED Portable Lamp is for mobile lighting both indoors and outdoors, and has been designed for professional use. Its double beam principle ensures intensive and even illumination of the desired area.

Two daylight-white high-performance LEDs from Cree guarantee an extremely bright light, whilst the high-quality lithium-ion battery ensures a long run time. Thanks to the emergency light function, approval for use in road traffic and the 5 lighting modes, it is versatile in use. It is also approved for use in road traffic as a warning light.

By virtue of the materials used and the first-class manufacture, the SH-5.200 is of a quality that pays for itself under the harshest conditions.

2 x 8 W Cree LEDs (1,040 lm each)Focus light: Beam angle 10°, light range up to 250 mFlood light: beam angle 90°,  light range up to 75 mRuntime 6 h at full luminosityRuntime 11 h at half luminosity8,000 mAh lithium-ion batteryRuntime of up to 16 h in flashing modeExtremely robust housing with IP 543-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • 2 x 8 W Cree LEDs (1,040 lm each)
  • 8,000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Run time of up to 16 h
  • Light range up to 250 m
  • 5 lighting modes, including focus light and flood light
  • Extremely robust housing with IP 54
  • Emergency light function
  • Approved for use as a warning light in road traffic
  • Stable, slip-proof, lightweight and handy
  • Rechargeable with 100 – 240 V AC plug-in power unit or 12/24 V DC car charging adapter
  • Rubber-coated carrying handle
  • Solid aluminum ring
  • Rubber lens protector
  • Scratch-proof glass
  • Upper LED: precision focus light with full and half luminosity
  • Lower LED: wide-area flood light with full and half luminosity, warning light with flashing function
  • Magnetic storage tray below the carrying handle
  • Robust housing made of shock-resistant plastic with IP 54
  • High-performance lithium-ion battery, with run time of: 6 h at full and 11 h at half luminosity, 16 h in flashing mode
  • Slip-proof base thanks to rubber footing
  • Charging cradle with charge control indicator



  • Easy-to-use rotary switch to select the lighting modes
  • Visual charging status indicators

Product specifics

Double beam technology – You see better with two eyes

With its double-beam principle, the SH-5.200 Portable Lamp always provides the perfect light. This is because the double beam technology (2 x 8 W XHP50 LEDs from Cree) combines several lighting options within one portable lamp.

Cree-XHP50 – 8 W LEDs of the latest generation

Equipped with the latest LED technology, the SH-5.200 guarantees extremely bright light. The 2 daylight-white (6,500 K) high-performance LEDs from Cree, with a peak light output of 130 lm/W, provide unique power.

When the Cree Extreme High Power LED is operated at the maximum approved current, it emits a light quantity that is twice that of the brightest comparable
LED on the market to date! At full brightness, its luminosity is 1,040 lm. This extreme brightness is achieved through optimization of light conversion and thermal resistance. This increases both the lumen rating and the service life of an LED.

The two XHP50 LEDs in the SH-5.200 thus each achieve a service life of around 50,000 hours, even with high currents and high temperatures.

The light output (lm/W = lumen per watt) indicates the economy of a lamp. The more lumen (light) per watt (energy expended), the better the efficiency.

Focus light: smooth reflector for focused lighting Flood light: ribbed reflector for broad illumination


Light exactly where and how you need it

Lighting modes – Versatile application possibilities

5 different lighting modes guarantee you the best possible illumination:

Mode Function Beam angle Luminosity Runtime Lighting range
1 Flood light 90° 100 % 6 h ca. 75 m
2 Flood light 90° 50 % 11 h ca. 50 m
3 Focus light 10° 100 % 6 h ca. 250 m
4 Focus light 10° 50 % 11 h ca. 120 m
5 Flashing mode 90° 50 % 16 h ca. 50 m


Emergency light function – Safety in power cuts

If the SH-5.200 is in the charging cradle when the power supply fails, thanks to the integrated emergency light function it automatically switches on. This is on condition that the charging cradle is connected to the mains and the lamp is switched on in the desired mode.
In the event of a power failure, the portable lamp thus becomes a reliable source of light, for example in rooms and corridors without windows and emergency power supply.

Reliable warning light in road traffic –
to secure hazards and accident sites

With the flashing light function and the orange diffusing plate that is available as an optional accessory, the SH-5.200 is also ideally suitable for use as a warning light, for example to give warning of hazards or to secure construction sites.

Lightweight lithium-ion battery with 8,000 mAh

Due to its high-quality 8,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, the SH-5.200 Portable Lamp is your reliable companion. With a run time of 11 h at half power and 6 h at full power, you can cover almost a full working day with just one battery charge.
The lithium-ion battery achieves this reliably stable power through its high energy density.
It guarantees you a long length of use and also minimizes its weight.
The battery can be charged by means of a 100 – 240 V AC plug-in power unit or a 12/24 V DC car charging adapter.
Thanks to the battery’s low self-discharge, the SH-5.200 remains always ready for use, even if used only sporadically.
Protection against overcharging and deep discharge ensures that the battery has a long service life. The current charge status of the battery can be read at any time, via three 3 LEDs which are fitted to the side of the portable lamp.

Benefits of lithium-ion battery technology: High energy density / Maintenance-free / No loss of performance through memory effect / Low self-discharge / Lightweight / High-performance / Long-life

Designed for extreme work applications

  • The housing, which conforms to protection category IP 54, is protected from dust and plashed water, and is extraordinarily robust. The SH-5.200 can thus be used even under extreme conditions.
  • The body is manufactured from high-quality, shock-resistant plastic. The lamp head has been reinforced with a solid aluminum ring. A wide, solid rubber ring and the scratchproof glass protect the lens from possible damage.
  • The portable lamp stands stable and secure, even on smooth or sloping surfaces – thanks to the balanced distribution of weight and the rubber-footed base.
  • It is perfectly adapted to the everyday world of professional work. With the easy-to-use rotary switch, it is easy and safe to operate even when wearing gloves.
  • The robust, rubber-coated carrying handle has been developed for convenient carrying. The magnetic storage tray below the lamp head will keep even the smallest screw safe.

Technical data

Type of battery Li-ion battery
Capacity of the rechargeable battery 8,000 mAh
Nominal voltage of the battery 7.4 V
Light sources 2 x Cree XHP50 LED
Power consumption (max.) 8 W
Light range Flood light 100 %: approx. 75 m
Flood light 50 %: approx. 50 m
Focus light 100 %: approx. 250 m
Focus light 50 %: approx. 120 m
Flashing light 50 %: approx. 50 m
Runtime 6 h at full luminosity
11 h at half luminosity
16 h in flashing light mode
Luminous flux 1,040 lm at full luminosity per LED
Lifespan of light source 50,000 h
Color temperature Daylight white (6,500 K)
Beam angle Focus light: 10°
Flood light: 90°
Lighting modes 5
Emergency light function Yes
IP protection IP 54
Plug-in power unit Input: 100 – 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz, max. 0.32 A
Output: 12 V DC, max. 1 A
Car charging adapter 12/24 V DC
Charging time approx. 8 h
Temperature range – 25 °C to + 50 °C
Deep discharge protection 6.2 V +/- 0.1 V
Overcharge protection 8.4 V +/- 0.1 V
Material ABS, PC, TPE plastic; aluminum
Color black, red
(L x W x H)
192 x 115 x 222 mm (lamp), 150 x 164 x 53 mm (charging cradle)
Weight 1.25 kg (lamp), 0.30 kg (charging cradle)
Article no. 552000

Scope of delivery

  • SH-5.200 LED Portable Lamp
  • SH-5.900 Charging Cradle
  • Plug-in power unit
  • Car charging adapter
  • Instruction manual in DE, GB, FR, NL, ES, PL

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